This Twin city of Haridwar situated at the confluence of the chandrabhaga and the Ganges, marks the starting point of the holy chardhaam pilgrim route Muni-Ki-Reti lies upstream from the triveni ghat and is said to be a blessed sight since ancient sages meditated at this spot . It has several famous ashrams, including the Shivanand Purnanand and Shanti kunj Ashrams which offers courses in India’s ancient knowledge systems, North of Muni ki Reti are two suspension bridge across the Ganges Rama or Sivananda Jhula & Lakshman Jhula. 


Over 2000 years ago, The sage Patanjali formulated a series of physical postures called asanas which along with controlled breathing & meditation were meant to set the individual on the path to self-realization. Ever since yoga has been practised by asetics and non-asetics alike. Essentially yoga calms and focuses the mind by stimulating blood circulation while relaxing nurves and muscles . This helps to combat the stress of daily life and is particularly suitable to modern lifestyles as it does not required equipments or visits to the gym. Yoga entered the wider popular consciousness in the late 1960s When the beatles paid a visit to the Maharshi Mahesh yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, and today many schools of yoga have centers in  India as well as in Europe